Meditation One

One of the parts of this month’s course is to be guided by me into a place of stillness and calm. 

There are many different ways we can journey inwards to the deep places that exist within us, and I encourage you to find what it is that speaks to you on a long-term basis- keeping in mind and heart that this will change throughout different stages in your life. 

But the more you connect, the more you will intuitively know when you are being called to explore new ways in… 

For this month, I have provided these guided meditations. 

Please don’t skip over them. 

Please don’t think – with only your mind. 

As a Naturopath I deeply believe in needing to address and explore with a wholistic view of a person. And we are undeniably more than just our intellect. 

But to move past this place we are so often being steered by, we need to create space to hear and feel from different parts of ourselves. 

There are seven days here to be listened to in order to help you let go of stress, to find stillness and space with in you.

To ground you and to open your heart. 

And to inspire and confirm to you that you are a warrior and have the ability to make fierce and gentle changes in your life that will be beneficial to you and the planet. 

You can listen to them over the four weeks ongoing. I promise you that no matter how many times we drop in, the next day we will be met with old habits, hardwired patterns and stress. It is a practise and one we must continue to come back to. 

This is why I provide 7 days, because you can listen to each one numerous times and still come back to a state of calm and discover new places within you. 

Find a place you won’t be disturbed for 10-20 minutes. 

Turn your phone to DO NOT DISTURB mode. 

Dim the lights if possible. Even light a nice candle. 

Sit comfortably, ideally cross legged, with a pillow or bolster under you to lift your hips a little, allowing your spine to be long. 

(There is one day I will guide you lying down, but in general I prefer sitting so we don’t fall asleep and so our spines can be clear channels for energy.) 

If you can, I recommend sitting for another 10 minutes in complete silence after the mediations – or perhaps bringing this is at another part of your day.